School Health & Safety Protocols

Recent updates to the COVID-19 guidelines for schools from the CDC, combined with state and local experts, have helped City Schools refine our health and safety protocols. Key protocols to help keep Hampden EMS a safe place to work and learn this fall include:

  • Face coverings: Face coverings will continue to be required indoors for everyone.
  • Physical distancing: Distance will be maximized to the extent possible while allowing all students to return for in-person learning. Various classroom layouts, including layouts with students facing each other, can be used to support an engaging classroom experience. Schools may resume in-person meetings with families with participants socially distanced. Face coverings, ventilation and our other preventive measures work together with physical distancing to provide additional protection. 
  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette: Routines and education to support handwashing and respiratory etiquette will continue to be implemented. 
  • Symptom monitoring: Everyone entering a City Schools building will be reminded to monitor their symptoms and not enter if they are experiencing symptoms 
  • Quarantining and isolation: individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 will continue to be isolated, and their non-vaccinated close contacts will continue to be quarantined
  • Cleaning and disinfecting: cleaning and disinfecting procedures using products designed to combat COVID-19 will continue to be used daily. Cleaning and disinfecting will be done by each building’s team instead of a centrally deployed team.