A LOVING PARENT: Hampden EMS has surpassed all of our expectations as parents. We really can’t get over how great it is.

A PROUD DAD: Hampden EMS is a fantastic School and I am glad my son attends there!

TERRIFIC TEACHER: As a teacher here at Hampden EMS, I feel so lucky to be a part of this school! We have a fantastic staff, incredible kids and supportive parents! The school is constantly working to be the best that we can and the administration is always receptive to teachers and parents.

KINDERGARTEN PARENT: My son is in Kindergarten at Hampden/Elementary. We are incredibly happy with our school. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable and incredibly caring. The teacher turn-over rate at the school is very low, which I think is a great sign that the teachers enjoy their jobs. Our son’s classroom teacher has been there for over 15 years! The school has a great sense of community. Parents are very involved. The surrounding Hampden community is also involved and invested in the school. The school academics are challenging. The teachers and school are very aware that all students learn differently and there are lots of individually-tailored plug-in and pull-out enrichment both for students who need extra help and for students who need more challenging work. We are very excited to be part of this school community for many years to come!

STAFF MEMBER: After 15 years of enormous experiences, I am proud to say that I still work here at Hampden Elementary/Middle School with brilliant and kind scholars. The school community is vibrant with equally vital efforts from teachers, parents, staff and leadership!

AUTHENTIC BUSINESS: Hampden #55 is a staple of our community. They offer a variety of options for local businesses to get involved in student success and experiences. Our team is proud to particularly support back to school night and silent auctions.

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